Brand Collaborations

With Mrs Maddi Wright

I’m passionate about content and products that are great for my family, my friends and myself and I see great value in sharing these with my online community.

If you are interested in working with my on a brand collaboration, please email me at or hit the contact page above.

Krystal TokunaiOwner, Tokunai Hair

“Maddi joined the #tokunaifamily a year ago as our brand ambassador. Having a brand ambassador is worth the investment. Since having Maddi join the family our social media presence has increased which has also increased client numbers.

Maddi’s partnership has helped us grow Tokunai Hair. Her following has also helped us tap into different demographics with marketing that captured ‘real’ experience.”

Marsha RohwederClub Owner/ Manager, Your Fitness Cairns

“I have been working with Maddi Wright for over 6 months as our social media influencer and also on collaboration partnerships. Maddi is enthusiastic and positive, and it is inspiring to work with such a professional, talented woman who genuinely wants the best for my business. Thanks to Maddi’s creativity and proven strategies, my Gym now enjoys a thriving social network that is growing by the minute.

Maddi’s creative ability and innovative ideas have been a game-changer for me and I can not recommend her highly enough to anyone wanting to explore the use of social media to promote their business”

Danica BoltonOwner, Hummingbird Superfoods

“Maddi's videos and posts are authentic and resonated with a lot of our mum customers. We used one of Maddi's video's to create an ad which performed extremely well. She is an absolutely pleasure to work with and very vibrant/happy. We love having Maddi as a Hummingbird ambassador!”

AndreaOwner, Bento Kids

“Maddi was amazing in assisting in the launch phase of Bento Kids lunchboxes. The pic Maddi posted bought in approx $17k in 24hrs which was incredible and helped launch Bento Kids to Australia. Cannot thank her enough as I was able to change to Australian made by the word spreading around.”