My advice on if you want to go on a reality TV show

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Reality check:

TV is now flooded by “reality” television programs. It’s the norm and we are all glued to it. (Much to my old-school Aussie fathers disgust) I am a sucker for them and not ashamed to admit that I could happily watch 10 hours straight of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians.’ But recently, I have had trouble watching local reality shows, like MKR and The Block. Main reason being is that I was a contestant on channel 7’s HOUSE RULES show and find it cringe worthy watching other people go through similar experiences to what myself and my hubby, Lloyd, went through.

The first thing that most people ask when they meet me is “did you enjoy being on House Rules?” I usually smile and take a deep breath before answering with an abrupt “nope.” It was the toughest few months of our lives; sleep deprived, family deprived, normality deprived. It was hard mentally more than it was physically. I describe the experience as being on a really long school camp with horrible teachers, never-ending homework and stinky roommates.

Another aspect of being a rat-on-the-wheel of one of these reality shows is the immediate spotlight. Once the show hits the airwaves, you are immediately bait for keyboard bullies. I remember the first week the show started I coped it big time from bullies on Facebook because I had blonde hair!…yep…blonde hair! And although it seemed harmless, it was really devastating to read such vile comments and it took a toll on my mental wellbeing.

So, my advice if you want to enter a reality TV show:

*First of all, ACTUALLY enter. So many people tell me how they would love to do House Rules, and when I ask if they have entered, they say no. Get cracking, you have to be in it to win it. Rule one.

*When you think it’s going to be hard, times that by 10.

*Be prepared to live off 2 hours sleep per night for months on end.

*Be prepared to be dirty – ALL the time. In every fold of your body. I mean hard core UTI’s.. ALL THE TIME.

*Be prepared to eat junk food every day and most nights (some people might like this part).

*Say goodbye to your dignity. You will be a rat-on-a-wheel and jump at whatever the producers say…at anytime…anywhere.

*Be prepared to have a camera shoved in your face 24 hours a day – bed-hair or not.

* The BIGGEST decision maker: can you live away from your kids for up to 4 months with NO contact?

Would I do it again? Yes. It is an experience that not many get to take part in. So if you are keen, get entering, don’t sit on the sidelines and WISH.



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